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Our Promise (State Campaign)

Thank You!

California State Employees donated $16,210,938.67  through the Our Promise Initiative in the 2015-2016 campaign season!  Your generosity is improving the lives of people in your community every day. 

About Our Promise

Previously known as California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC), the Our Promise Initiative, California State Employees Giving at Work- was established in 1957 to provide a single charitable fund-raising drive for California State employees. Our Promise provides California State employees the opportunity to utilize payroll deduction to support charitable organizations they feel passionate about. The California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board provides oversight of the Our Promise and the enabling regulations for the campaign are found in the California Administrative Code.


Top Local Our Promise Contibutors

A BIG thank you to the top Our Promise contributing agencies in the North State:

Board of Equalization, Department of General Services, Employment Development Department, Franchise Tax Board, Department of Education, Department of Mental Health, Department of Developmental Services, Department of Pesticide Regulation, Department of Toxic Substances Control, Governor's Office, State Treasurer's Office    


Our Promise Initiative Resources


Click here to learn more about Our Promise and to access initiative resources. 

If you are a state department leader in the North State and would like to schedule a campaign presentation, contact us.

State Department campaign coordinators in the North State: If your employees would like their contributions administered locally, advise them to use PCFD code 040. Completed pledge forms should be mailed to:

United Way of Northern California, 2280 Benton Drive Box 14, Redding, CA 96003.


Our Promise Featured Donor

The Our Promise Campaign is only successful because of the generosity of State Employees.  Featured here is one of our local donors, Lt. Kevin Alexander from California Highway Patrol, Northern Division.

I am Kevin Alexander, a Lieutenant with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Northern Division Office.  When my daughter Bailey, was 12 years old she was diagnosed with epilepsy.  For some, this condition can be extremely debilitating and life limiting.

Now at the age of 14, and with the help Dr. Paul Chretien of Child and Adolescent Neurology, she leads an outstanding life of playing multiple sports, raising 4-H animals, and competing at the world level in equestrian events.  The high quality of her life has only been achievable through the support of the CHP family, the California Association of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP), Remedy Service Dogs, and the Western Wishes Foundation.  Through the assistance of the CAHP, she now has her service dog Kate, a Labrador Retriever.  Kate is trained to seek out and alert family, friends, and neighbors if Bailey has a seizure and will lead them back to her for assistance.  Kate allows Bailey to lead a normal life of independence, and is an amazing companion. 

Bailey appreciates all of the support she has received and now strives to help others in need.  She is an Ambassador of Hope for Western Wishes Organization, a nonprofit organization dedicated to children and young adults faced with adversity who live and appreciate the western way of life.  Her goal is to raise awareness, conduct fundraisers to provide wishes, and moreover to inspire others with similar conditions to find hope and strength to make the best of their situation.

My family is grateful for the support we have received from the CAHP, and non-profits such as Remedy Service Dogs and Western Wishes.  By contributing to Our Promise, California State Employees Giving at Work through the United Way, I have the ability to donate to any 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

I have come to personally know several staff and board members of the United Way of Northern California.  They are an amazing group of people dedicated to helping others.  The financial support you give truly benefits many families in need.