Carr and Delta Fires: A Message from Our CEO

A summer of wildfires has brought destruction, hardship and tragedy to our community. It has also shown our community’s resilience, and our remarkable ability to pull together in time of crisis and help one another. There is no question that Shasta County will rebound and rebuild.

United Way of Northern California is committed to doing all it can to assist in the recovery process. Already we have distributed more than $700,000 in emergency cash assistance to more than 1,100 individuals and families who have lost their homes or suffered economic hardship due to the wildfires. Now we are ready to move from emergency relief into recovery. During this next phase, we will help those identified through long-term case management services as needing the most financial assistance. We will also modify our existing programs, such as 2-1-1 NorCal, volunteer tax preparation and workforce readiness, to ensure they are providing tailored services to fire survivors.

We will continue to work closely with the long-term efforts coordinated by the Community Recovery Team, and also with our partner non-profits and local government. A disaster of this scale requires everyone to pitch in and work closely and collaboratively.

One of our programs is 2-1-1, the human services helpline. During this disaster, 2-1-1 has served as a primary conduit of information to the community, building a strong relationship with CalFire and other emergency response agencies. During the first four weeks of the disaster, 2-1-1 handled as many interactions with clients as it did in all of 2017. We are proud of this contribution and I assure you that 2-1-1 will continue outstanding 24-7-365 service during the recovery period.

United Way has been here since 1953. We believe in Redding and in the resilience of the greater Shasta County community. We're not going anywhere. You can count on us to do our part to help keep this community strong. Contact me with any questions or concerns at 530-241-7521 or