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Shasta Equal Justice Coalition (SEJC)

Shasta Equal Justice Coordinator

Shasta Equal Justice Coalition (SEJC) began from the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2020. It exists to work for fair and equal justice within the criminal justice system in Northern California communities through advocacy, education, and strengthening partnerships.

Shasta Equal Justice Coalition (SEJC) is a network of organizations and individuals who are committed to equity and justice for every community member, inclusive of all identities, backgrounds, or circumstances.SEJC advocates for greater transparency between community residents and law enforcement, educates about racial biases, and strengthens partnerships between advocacy groups and the criminal justice system. 

View SEJC’s website or contact United Way of Northern California for more information.


Oliview Farm: Growing Food with Reverence


Oliview Farm in Shasta County is a local farm with a community-based approach to agriculture. Oliview Farm employs the French Intensive farming method in its market garden by producing more food on less acreage, conserving resources, and increasing sustainability. Oliview takes full advantage of the four seasons by growing in-season produce that benefits the planet and its people. 

Its mission is to “Approach the production and provision of food with respect for the innate dignity and beauty of each player in the process – seed, soil, animals, people – as well as the process itself .” This mission guides the farm’s daily activities as it seeks to do farming differently. 

For more information about Oliview Farm visit its website, or plan a visit and see the farm in action for yourself!