Bank On

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California has a high percentage of households with no bank account (over 7% statewide) or who use some fringe financial services (20%). These families often struggle to build savings, credit or an emergency fund. They also lose money on fees for services like check cashing and money orders. 

Through Bank On, local individuals can open a bank account with our partner financial institutions. This helps them build savings, get access to credit, and ensure their money is safe and insured. Classes are currently underway with partnerships involving three financial institutions and five community organizations. 

How it Works

  1. From your home or our office, we’ll direct you to a website where you can receive training and information.
  2. Take the required financial literacy classes.
  3. Print out your certificate.
  4. Take your certificate to any partner bank and open an account.
  5. Start putting money back in your pocket!

Note: If you have a balance due, you may not qualify for a Bank On account.

As part of Bank On, United Way of Northern California participates in two financial literacy events for partners in the community.  

To learn more, contact Theresa McCausland at (530) 241-7521 x 101 or