Workplace Giving

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The LIVE UNITED Campaign

In case you missed Spring Fling...

Make a Difference Where You Live and Work

We invite community members to join the thousands of North State employees who donate a set amount of each paycheck to the United Way Workplace Giving Campaign each year. Your donation can fund direct assistance to members of the community. This includes our 2-1-1wildfire recovery/assistance programs, VITA, Prosperity Initiative and many more specific to your county.

Donations also help fund 50+ local nonprofit agencies that we collaborate with each year to provide programs and services to address our community’s most pressing needs. Your donation has more impact, as it is not just benefiting one charity, but several. The best part is that YOU choose where your donation goes.

Help People You Know

Statistics show that 1 in 3 people in our community will have a need for a United Way service in the next 12 months. This means that every third person you pass in the hallway at work, in the grocery store or even in your group of friends or family may directly benefit from your donation.

Giving Is Easy

Click here to donate directly or contact Astrid Withrow at or (530) 319-3149 x204 if your organization does not already have a Workplace Giving Campaign. Then sit back and enjoy knowing that with each paycheck, you are helping people right here in your community. You can rest assured that your donations are being used wisely. United Ways have strict compliance guidelines and we consistently top the Forbes best charities list as a trusted community organization.

Your Donation Stays Local

Our board is made up of local volunteers from each county and the funds raised in each county stay in that county to address that community’s most pressing needs.

For About the Price of a Cup of Coffee, Your Donation Does Amazing Work

Many people ask if their paycheck donation really makes a difference. Consider this...

  • $5 per month feeds breakfast to a family of five for two weeks.
  • $10 per month provides home-delivered meals, allowing mental health outreach and social contact, for homebound seniors.
  • $20 per month provides a young community member substance abuse counseling for a year.
  • $50 per month provides one week of food and basic necessities to a local wildfire survivor

Because nonprofit agencies receive donations of goods and services, we are able to make a dollar stretch much further than the average person. By giving collectively, your donation has many more times the impact than it can make alone.

Be Proud That You LIVE UNITED

We have a saying at United Way that reflects the reason our donors participate: When we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all – and we change the lives of people we walk by every day.


“I had always heard about United Way but never really knew what they did in our community...until they were there for me when I needed it most...”

“As a single mom of two small children, I was working full-time and attending school part-time. I was determined to make a better life for myself and my children. Money was tight but we were getting by. That is, until my hours were cut at work. Overnight, we went from barely making it to not having enough money for our basic needs such as food and rent. I was overwhelmed and frightened. I didn’t know what to do, until a friend told me to call the United Way. I did, and that phone call literally changed my life. The people at United Way were so friendly, caring, and compassionate. They provided me with resources to help with my rent and utilities, and to get healthy and fresh food for myself and my kids. They helped me get back on my feet during a very challenging time in my life. Now that I am in a better place financially, I want to help others the same way I was helped. I now donate to the United Way through my company’s workplace giving campaign. I know that my donations stay here locally and that I am making a difference in the lives of others in my community...just as they made a difference for me.”

United Way of Northern California Partner Agencies

Each year, we fundraise to support not only the goals of our critical human service projects and programs but to help bring resources to closely aligned nonprofit partners including:

  • Jesus Provides Our Daily Bread
  • Oroville Southside Community Improvement Association
  • Butte County Fire Safe Council
  • Chabad Jewish Center
  • Help Central Inc.
  • Hope Center
  • Camp Fire Zone Project-North Valley Community Foundation-Fiscal Agent
  • Community Housing Improvement Program Inc.
  • Oroville Rescue Mission
  • Innovative Health Care Services
  • Magalia Community Church Resource and Recovery Center
  • Caring Choices
  • Chico Housing Team
  • Plumas Crisis Intervention & Resource Center
  • Tzu Chi
  • Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley
  • Shasta Youth Alliance
  • Shasta Family YMCA
  • Shasta Women's Refuge
  • The Trade School
  • Butte-Community Action Agency
  • Catalyst Mentoring
  • Lassen Family Services
  • CASA of Siskiyou County
  • Helping Hands Inc.
  • Compass Shining Care
  • P.A.T.H.
  • Police Activities League of Tehama County
  • Girls on the Run
  • Tehama Together
  • Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center
  • Good News Rescue Mission
  • Siskiyou Opportunity Center
  • And more!

Why Start a Workplace Giving Campaign?

Workplace campaigns give employees an opportunity to make a charitable contribution through payroll deductions. The United Way workplace giving campaign brings employees together so they can make a difference in causes that matter to them. Participants see the results in their own communities and feel the strength and connection that comes from banding together to support a common cause.

Company Benefits

  1. Positive Image – Publicly shows your organization’s commitment to improving lives in the North Valley.
  2. Employee Performance – United Way of Northern California donors share a common vision and passion, which encourages teamwork and enhances relationships.
  3. Growth in Resources – As United Way’s campaign grows, so do the resources that are available to everyone in your organization and our community.

Donor/Employee Benefits

  1. Community Awareness – United Way employee campaigns incorporate enhanced communication, which increases the understanding of our community needs.
  2. Positive Image – United Way donors are perceived as positive role models by their peers, which may increase the level of participation throughout the entire community.
  3. Personal Satisfaction – Local donors will know they are improving lives with their gift.

Community Benefits

  1. Additional Resources – New dollars from local donors enhance the ability of United Way to address needs in the communities we serve.
  2. Identify Community Leaders – Volunteers and supporters of charitable organizations tend to be recognized and selected as community leaders.
  3. Increased Community Spirit – United Way donors have increased pride in their community and want to continue to participate in community activities.

Interested in Starting a Workplace Giving Campaign? Contact Astrid Withrow at or (530) 319-3149 x204.