Carr Fire

carr fire landscape

The Carr Fire in July 2018 was one of the most devastating disasters to ever hit Shasta and Trinity Counties in Northern California. The fire:

  • Was the seventh largest and most destructive fire in California history
  • Destroyed over 1,000 homes and about 500 other structures
  • Burned nearly 230,000 acres
  • Cost over 1.6 billion in damages
  • Forced over 35,000 people to evacuate
  • Took the lives of eight people, including three firefighters

Our Phase: One Fire Relief Response

United Way of Northern California has led the way in helping local residents recover from the Carr Fire. We’ve helped those affected with short-term financial assistance and by connecting them to critical community resources. Within two months after the fire, we:

  • Provided more than 1,200 emergency cash grants to get medical care, food, gas, temporary shelter, and basic need items to families whose homes were impacted during the fire
  • Fulfilled more than 10,000 requests for local community resources through our 2-1-1 NorCal helpline

Phase Two: We Need Your Help!

There’s still much more work to do. In Phase Two of wildfire recovery, we continue to seek strong community partners to join our efforts to help steer long-term recovery efforts and continue to meet the unmet needs of those whose lives have been negatively impacted.

Here are some of the initiatives we are currently working through:

Emergency Unmet Needs (Expected Need: $100,000- $150,000)

Our staff help case managers meet the needs of those who lost their homes in the Carr Fire. We are seeking partners to join us to help provide relief to individuals who have worked through a case management plan and have identified what is needed to help improve their quality of life. To date, we have been able to help 36 families who were impacted with our Phase Two support. This includes:

  1. Electricity poles on properties that have yet to be rebuilt (where the survivor is currently living on the property in a temporary shelter)
  2. Relocation fees to move in with family/friends in outside areas
  3. Emergency appliance/ventilation repairs in homes that were impacted but not completely destroyed to make them livable again

Back-to-School Needs (Expected Need: $10,000- $20,000)

We’ve been raising funds to get supplies to students who were impacted by the Carr Fire. Often, when families impacted are struggling, youth suffer most and are under-prepared to learn and do well in school, leading to additional challenges later in life.

Join us in our fight to help those affected by the Carr Fire. Email Astrid Withrow at or call (530) 319-3149 x204 to learn more about how you or your organization can help.


“I was recently blessed by United Way in helping us with assistance to replenish all our food that was lost [through] the Carr Fire. This will get us back in the right direction. My son and granddaughter thank you so much.”

"July 26th our home was taken by the Carr Fire. First, you sit in disbelief and denial, then the reality sets in and the tears start flowing over the sentimental items you will never get back. However, we have cried more over the texts, emails, letters, gifts than any loss. We have had peace in the midst of tragedy all around us. We love and adore you all! United Way, thank you for your generous support."

“Margie and I would like to personally thank you for the gift. There are no words that fully express our gratitude. We appreciate all that you have done to help our community get through this.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful and generous check! I so much appreciate the help with the fire repairs. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity very much.”

“Thank you for your generous gift of $1000 to help with this very difficult season of my life. When help like yours comes our way, it helps us to be encouraged that things will get better and [that] others care.”

“Thank you for the generous gift of money. It was truly a blessing for us to receive your gift. We are no longer stressed and it was much needed. We want and hope to ‘Pay it Forward’. God bless you all and thank you!”

Thank You to Our Partners!

Support for Other Agencies

UWNC supports other agencies involved in the wildfire recovery process. For example, we provide support for case managemers through the Community Recovery Team, an organization dedicated to providing recovery services to individuals and families affected by the CARR Fire in our community. We have also provided direct service grants to some of the following agencies to help their support for wildfire survivors:

  • Shasta Youth Alliance
  • Shasta Family YMCA
  • Shasta Women's Refuge
  • The Trade School
  • Catalyst Mentoring
  • Lassen Family Services
  • CASA of Siskiyou County
  • Helping Hands Inc.
  • Compass Shining Care
  • P.A.T.H.
  • Police Activities League of Tehama County
  • Girls on the Run
  • Good News Rescue Mission
  • Siskiyou Opportunity Center