Coast 2 Coast RX

What is Coast2CostRX?

Coast2CoastRX is one of the nation’s leading providers of free prescription discount cards. United Way of Northern California has joined with Coast2CoastRX to distribute these valuable cards to all residents in the North State.


Who Can Use the Prescription Discount Card?

The Coast2CoastRX prescription drug discount card is a free card that can be used by everyone in the community for prescription   medicine.  There is no enrollment, eligibility, paperwork, or fee and no personal information is collected or shared.  One card is good    for the entire family.


How Does the Card Work?

Simply give the card to the pharmacist with your prescription.  An instant discount, which will vary by medication, is applied.  The  card provides pharmacy discounts up to 75% on FDA-approved medication not covered by insurance, Medicaid, Medicare or other benefit plans.


Where Do I Get a Card?

Cards can be obtained by any of the options below:

·         Print one from the Coast2CoastRX website:

·         Find one at pharmacies and other locations throughout the area

·         Obtain one from the United Way office


How Can I Help Others Find Out About Coast2CoastRX?

United Way of Northern California makes these cards available to  the public and is distributing the cards to local organizations and providers.

Tell everyone you know the card and hang Coast2CoastRX posters around your office or workplace. You never know who might appreciate the discounts that are offered.


Where Can I Find More Information?

Visit or call

United Way of Northern California at (530) 241-7521