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Disaster Response

Boles Fire Recovery Fund 

When the Boles Fire started on September 15, 2014, it quickly swept through the community of Weed, CA, devastating this small community of just under 3,000 residents.  By the time it was over, more than 150 homes were lost and 516 acres were burned.

United Way of Northern California, partnering with surrounding local United Ways and local corporate partners including TriCounties Bank, US Bank, and Roseburg Forest Products, responded quickly to the community needs by establishing two relief funds - a general community fund and a fund specific to the employees of one of the town's largest employers - Roseburg Forest Products.  

In just 25 days, we were able to raise over $300,000 to support the relief efforts and needs of the community members affected. Because of the nature of this disaster, United Way of Northern California made the decision to not charge any administrative fees for managing these funds.  This ensured that 100% of the generous donations would go directly to assist those affected by the fire.

For over 60 years, United Way of Northern California has been supporting our local communities in the nine far Northern California counties of our region.  We are proud to stand at the ready to not only support the ongoing needs of our communities, but to be responsive to emerging needs as they arise.  When the community comes together to support a common goal, like what was demonstrated by the response to the Boles Fire, amazing things can happen. When we each give a little, whether that is in the form of monetary donations, in-kind donations, or volunteer hours, we can accomplish more than we ever could alone. That's the power of the United Way - that's what it means to LIVE UNITED!

Since the Boles Fire devestated the town of Weed, United Way of Northern California has been partnering with the Long Term Recovery Group to determine how best to disburse our relief funds. To date, we've distributed a number of grants, and are still accepting applications.

Grants Awarded:

(July 2, 2015) The City of Weed was awarded $19,200 to cover matching funds for a federal grant that will purchase a new generator for the police dispatch facility.  This will replace an old battery backup system that was in place during the fire that proved inadequate during the response efforts. 





(July 2, 2015)  The Weed Vounteer Fire Department was awarded $11,200 to pay for several new sets of firefighting turnout gear.  This new gear will replace several sets of turnouts that were lost when the homes and vehicles of the firefighters that they were issued to were lost in the fire.





(May 26, 2015) College of the Siskiyous was awarded $5,000 to help fund a construction class for area residents.  With a goal of placing the participants with local contractors who are working on the rebuilding of Weed, many of the participants of this class were affected themselves by the fire.





(May 26, 2015) The Weed Volunteer Fire Department was awarded $4,500 to pay for a new barbecue grill.  The department largely relies on fundraising events to help pay for their operations, this new grill is a replacement for a grill that was lost in the fire and will allow the department to continue holding events in the community.





If you are an organization or agency affected by the Boles fire click here for an application for assistance.

The United Way of Northern California primarily provides funding to direct service organizations and agencies throughout Northern California. If you're an individual affected by the Boles Fire who needs direct assistance we encourage you contact Andrea Herr, case manager, at 530-408-0012 to discuss your needs before submitting an application.

Additional resources to help individuals recover can also be found at the Family and Community Resource Center of Weed at 260 Main St in Weed, or 530-938-9914.  You may also click here to be connected to the Weed Long Term Recovery Group Hub.