Homeless Rockstars

Homeless Rockstars

One of the main problems with homelessness is the physical and psychological barrier that is instantly and permanently erected by ‘us’ between those we perceive as homeless and ourselves.

The net result for ‘them’ is that on top of the initial situations that led to being disconnected from society on a superficial level (a brick and mortar dwelling) – they now have the additional burden of being completely disconnected from society on a much deeper level. 

The vicious cycle starts when ‘we’ disconnect ‘them’ yet expect ‘them’ to fix the connection.  We expect ‘them’ to EARN the psychological and emotional RE-connection when it is ‘us’ who disconnected ‘them’ in the first place. 

We lump all homeless people together in one big group and do not take the time to find out who they are as individuals. Homeless Rock Stars strives to turn that around.

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